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Cold Weather Workwear is upfront
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Lime green evaporative cooling vest hi vis orange winter jacket hi visibility yellow safety vest Baffin Work Boots high visibility yellow jacket high visibility yellow and black rain jacket

Cold Weather Workwear / Warm Weather Workwear, and Reflective Clothing for the Outdoor Worker

The outdoor worker contends with heat stress prevention in the summer and extreme cold weather in the winter. We at feel for ya. We’ve got the cooling apparel, breathable hi vis safety vests, rain jackets, high visibility windbreakers, reflective jackets, hi vis sweatshirts, and cold weather gear to make sure workers are ready for whatever Mother Nature throws at them.

Cold Weather Gear

We have a large selection of hi vis bomber jackets, reflective coats, high visibility insulated overalls, insulated coveralls, and hi vis sweatshirts. ANSI high visibility requirements don't take a back seat when the snow flies. That's why we offer plenty of reflective jackets and reflective insulated overalls. They keep you seen and they keep you warm.

We also have a wide range of FR clothing and arc flash clothing that meets NFPA 70E for electrical safety. Our arc clothing line includes reflective vests, arc-rated rain jackets, arc-rated bib overalls, and more. We have arc flash clothing that meets all hazard risk categories (HRC). And we have arc-rated workwear from big names like Bulwark, Neese, Revco, and NSA (National Safety Apparel).

Warm Weather Gear

Heat stress protection is a concern for outdoor workers. Phase change cooling vests and evaporative cooling vests, cooling bandanas, hard hat sun shades, and caps help fight the heat when the weather is warm. A simple cooling vest can greatly enhance safety. The Cool Shirt Cooling Station utilizes top-of-the-line circulatory cooling vests or cooling shirts to create a cooling system ideal for emergency response workers. We have hi vis safety vests made from comfortable breathable mesh, and hi vis t-shirts made from moisture wicking micromesh. Reflective rain gear, like rain jackets and rain pants, is ideal for summer storms. Gulpz hydration backpacks keep you cool, and also provide a source of hydration.

And when high visibility clothing is needed on the summer jobsite, we've got you covered. A breathable mesh safety vest or reflective hi vis t-shirt keeps workers visible and limits overheating. Reflective shirts that wick away moisture are a must-have for the outdoor worker in the summer. We also carry a wide range of high visibility rain gear and reflective jackets for protection during a summer squall.

Work Tuff Polar, Makers of the Only 8-in-1 Hi Vis Jacket

high visibility yellow bomber jacketOur own brand of hi vis winter clothing. We've created the ultimate hi vis jacket, our Work Tuff Polar 8-in-1. The 8-in-1 Bomber Jacket has an outer shell with zip-off sleeves and a removable fleece liner that also has zip-off sleeves. The result is multiple wearing combinations. We also stock 3-in-1 hi vis jackets, and our best selling 2-in-1 high visibility bomber jacket. We've also created the Hansen EMS Jacket, designed by an EMS professional for EMTs and first responders.


ANSI Safety Vests in Every Style Imaginable

hi vis yellow safety vestOur Work Tuff line includes hi vis safety vests for any application. We have surveyor vests, hi vis breakaway vests for added safety, breathable mesh hi vis safety vests, flame resistant modacrylic ANSI vests, and hi vis public service safety vests. We have ANSI Class 2, ANSI Class 3 and non-ANSI options. We also carry hi vis apparel by Tingley, ML Kishigo, Richlu and any more.


Viking Winter Hi Vis Apparel

hi vis yellow jacketViking makes all sorts of durable winter workwear. Hi visibility jackets made from Trilobal Rip-Stop™ stand up to wear and tear. Insulated bib overalls and insulated bib pants complete a Class 3 hi vis ensemble. Non-ANSI winter work jackets are for those who don't need ANSI-level visibility on the job site.


CoolShirt Cooling Vests

CooCoolShirt is serious when it comes to cooling apparel. There are evaporative cooling vests and phase change cooling vests, and then there's CoolShirt circulatory cooling vests. They battle heat stress better than most cooling vest you can choose. CoolShirt employs ice cold water to do the trick. It flows through dozens of feet of capillary tubing sewn into the shirt. The cold water keeps the wearer cool for hours, even in the most oppressive workplace heat.


Richlu Rugged Winter Wear

high visibility yellow jacketRichlu winter workwear is extremely well made. The quilted insulated hi vis jackets and insulted overalls are warm and very durable. Richlu products have contrasting 3M Scotchlite, and always feature a reflective X pattern, making them ideal for use by railroad workers or road construction crews. Duck jackets and duck overalls by Richlu don't meet ANSI hi vis standards but are a rugged option for outdoor workers that need warmth but aren't required to meet ANSI requirements.


Berne Apparel Winter Workwear

green work hooded sweatshirtThe Berne Original Quilt-Lined Original Duck Jacket shown at the left is a hot seller when it comes to outdoor workwear. The insulated jacket is comfortable and has offers the the durability that cotton duck is known for. All of the winter workwear offered by Berne Apparel can be counted on. Insulated Overalls and Insulated Coveralls offered by Berne are perfect for most rugged job sites.


Baffin Insulated Work Boots

baffin industrial work bootsBaffin Boots are meant for the cold weather worker. The winter work boots come in several styles, including steel toe boots and winter pac boots, to protect the worker who spends his/her time in extreme cold. Baffin makes some of the best winter boots available. The insulated boots can be found on the construction site or even worn by oilfield workers. Keeping your feet warm has never been so easy.


Wool Power

woolpower wool socksWool is warm and wicks moisture, which is a good combination for keeping feet warm. Wool Power doesn't just make wool work socks, however. They also make base layer work turtlenecks and long underwear, wool balaclavas and hard hat liners.


Carhartt, the Ultimate Workwear

carhartt black duck coverallsNo one knows winter clothing better than Carhartt. Carhartt clothing is legendary for its ability to keep outdoor workers warm. We carry several Carhartt jacket options, Carhartt duck clothing, and Carhartt insulated overalls and insulated coveralls. If you're looking for extreme cold weather workwear or outdoor clothes, look no further than Carhartt.


Charles River Apparel

hi vis yellow rain jacketCharles River Apparel jackets, thermal sweatshirts, reflective jackets, high visibility windbreakers, and raincoats are well-made and comfortable. And Charles River clothing is easy to silkscreen or embroider. A cool Charles River jacket with your company logo will make you the envy of any worksite.


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